A Dental Fracture Can Vary in Severity and Treatment

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A tooth can be fractured by something as traumatic as a sports injury or something as mundane as grinding your teeth while you sleep. Even if you aren’t in immediate pain, you should still have the fractured tooth examined at our dental office in Lexington, Kentucky.

Without professional restoration, the compromised area of tooth enamel could eventually start to trap bacterial residue. This could cause a large cavity to develop in the already compromised tooth.

A small fracture can sometimes be repaired with a basic dental filling. If the damage is significant yet the interior of the tooth is healthy, we may recommend restoring the entire tooth enamel layer with a dental crown.  

Severe fractures that compromise the sensitive interior structures of the tooth might need to be treated with a root canal. This will restore the necessary structure to eventually anchor a dental crown.

If the fracture severely damaged the interior of the tooth or an oral trauma caused significant damage to the socket, our periodontists may advocate a total extraction. Once your gums have healed we can help you decide if you’d like to restore the tooth with a bridge or dental implant.

If you live in the Lexington, Kentucky, area and you have a fractured tooth, you should not delay in seeking treatment. Please call our staff at 859-252-7726 for the quality care you deserve at Bluegrass Periodontics. Dr. Elliott Neuman and Dr. Douglas Neuman are here to help you protect your beautiful smile!