Dental Implants Can Provide Permanent Support to a Dental Bridge

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A dental emergency or severe tooth decay can result in the loss of multiple teeth in a row. Our periodontal team are here to provide you with a review of your tooth restoration options and will recommend treatment based on the severity of your tooth loss. To restore multiple missing teeth, our dentist may suggest using dental implants to permanently support your new dental bridge.

When several teeth are lost, the original bone structure can begin to deteriorate. If the bone structure has suffered too much, a bone graft may be needed to enhance the bone and ensure it is dense enough to support the implant posts and keep your restoration secure.

Following the bone graft procedure, we will surgically implant the posts in your jawbone by creating narrow channels that allow the titanium abutments to remain firmly in place for years to come. The biologically safe titanium material allows the implant to fuse with the bone, and then we can create an impression of the implant area so that we can attach a custom-made dental bridge to the implants.

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