Do Your Gums Need Extra Care?

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A healthy mouth requires healthy gums and strong teeth in order to function. An important step in oral health is to maintain an oral hygiene routine that involves brushing and flossing your teeth every day to prevent gum disease. If your gums become unhealthy, our team can help you restore them to good health to preserve your smile.

If your mouth is full of bacteria-rich substances like food particles and plaque, you could be at a high risk of developing tartar, which lingers on the gum line at the base of the teeth and can result in a periodontal inflammation known as gingivitis.

Early signs of a gum problem may be persistent bad breath, gum inflammation or gums that bleed during routine brushing and flossing. If you notice any of these symptoms in your smile, we encourage you to schedule a checkup with Dr. Elliot Neuman to determine if you are in need of treatment.

If an oral exam has revealed an issue in your gums, we are happy to help you determine the most effective treatment to improve your gum health. Treatments for gums can involve deep cleaning the gums and teeth to remove traces of hardened tartar and developing a habit of effective flossing that includes the rear molars and gums.

To learn more about treatment for gum disease in Lexington, Kentucky, and to schedule an appointment with our periodontist, we encourage you to call Bluegrass Periodontics at 859-252-7726 today.