Taking Steps Against Periodontal Disease

What can you do to avoid periodontal disease and the increased risks to your health? Here are some answers for you: Step 1. At-home Care This part is simple and easy to follow. Be sure to brush your teeth at least twice each day for two minutes with a soft-bristled... Read more »

Gum Disease: Age and Gender

While everyone is vulnerable to gum disease–men, women, and children–research has shown that men tend to have a higher risk of gum disease. Why? Perhaps because they are not seeing a dentist regularly or are not as consistent with good oral hygiene habits. Let’s take a closer look at periodontitis... Read more »

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Can Help Prevent Future Complications

Your child’s oral development in their adolescent years includes the total replacement of their primary teeth to accommodate the 32 adult teeth that will serve them throughout their adult life. The process also includes the development of four wisdom teeth deep in the gums at the back of their mouth.... Read more »

Do Your Gums Need Extra Care?

A healthy mouth requires healthy gums and strong teeth in order to function. An important step in oral health is to maintain an oral hygiene routine that involves brushing and flossing your teeth every day to prevent gum disease. If your gums become unhealthy, our team can help you restore... Read more »

Restore a Gapped Smile with Dental Implants

Are you in need of dental restoration following dental trauma or tooth decay? If so, we are pleased to provide a variety of options at Bluegrass Periodontics. Even after losing a tooth, you can enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile due to modern advancements in cosmetic and restorative dentistry. In... Read more »

Crown Lengthening: The Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

If you have questions about crown lengthening, then our periodontists, Dr. Neuman and Dr. Neuman, are happy to help you find the answers you need. Crown lengthening is a top-of-the-line cosmetic treatment that can help you improve your “gummy” smile. This treatment is oftentimes used to expose more of the... Read more »

The Causes and Treatments of Gum Disease

Gum disease is a dental issue you should take very seriously. It’s one of the most dangerous dental issues in the world today. It typically begins by making your gums red, swollen and tender. Then, as it progresses, it makes the gums recede from the teeth, it forms pockets in... Read more »

Periodontal Disease Is a Problem Among Adults

Periodontal disease is a problem among adults. Many adults believe that it is normal for gums to bleed as you brush your teeth. This is not the case. You must have excellent dental hygiene to help avoid gum disease. There are, however, some people who are more at risk for... Read more »

What Exactly Are Periodontal Pockets?

Similar to how a turtleneck sweater snuggles around your neck, the gums and bones inside your mouth wrap around your tooth to provide protection and stability. With proper oral health, your teeth, gums and bone can remain healthy throughout your life. However, if plaque is allowed to build up on... Read more »

Periodontal Disease And You

Gum disease is also called periodontal disease; other terms include “gingivitis” (beginning stages) and “periodontitis” (advanced stages).  Gum disease is a major cause of tooth loss among adults in the United States, with advanced stages affecting over 47% of adults over age 30.   Periodontal disease is frequently caused by... Read more »