Bone loss or dental decay can result in several oral problems, and our periodontists may need to perform a hemisection in Lexington, Kentucky. Drs. Neuman and Neuman will look at your unique situation to see if this surgical procedure is right for you. To diagnose your condition, our periodontists will examine your mouth and take X-rays to get an accurate picture of your periodontal health. If its determined this procedure would be of benefit to you, you can trust, our office will provide all the necessary information needed. Contact us at 859-252-7726 to schedule an appointment or inquire about more information.

If you have received a root canal treatment and find that your treated tooth requires more work, our periodontist may perform a hemisection. In periodontics, a hemisection involves sectioning a tooth’s roots in half to remove damaged tissue, bone, or tooth. In many cases, this procedure is performed on lower molars that have already received a root canal.

Some of the most common reasons for performing a hemisection include bone loss, tooth decay, and gum disease. When any of these occur to a tooth that has already been treated with a root canal, our periodontist can cut the affected tooth in half and remove damaged bone, tooth, or tissue. With this procedure, our team can increase your chances of preserving your natural tooth and restoring your oral health. Once all the damage is removed, our periodontist will prepare a dental crown or other restoration to restore your tooth’s natural shape and protect its health.

If you have any questions about a hemisection, and to schedule your appointment, we welcome you to contact our office today.