If you’ve ever heard from your kids or even thought to yourself, “How much longer do I have to wear these braces?” You are not alone. For decades, the only way to straighten your teeth was to wear tight, uncomfortable, and even painful metal brackets on your teeth. Today, patients have a host of treatment options when it comes to straightening their teeth. At Bluegrass Periodontics, our periodontists are pleased to offer Wilckidontics® in Lexington, Kentucky. We invite you to call us at 859-252-7726 and schedule your appointment with Drs. Neuman and Neuman to learn more about this simple and affordable treatment. It’s time to get the straighter smile you want!

For patients who want a straighter smile, the 21st century has brought about great advancements in dental technology. Traditional braces have come a long way from metal brackets and treatment that last up to 3 years. Today, braces are safer and more comfortable, and they can require less treatment time. One of these types of advanced braces is Wilckidontics®.

Similar to Invisalign®, Wilckidontics® utilizes what is known as the AOO™ procedure in adolescents and adults, and it can provide complete treatment up to 4 times faster than traditional braces. The procedure, called the Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics ™, is making headway into the orthodontics field. Brackets have become bondable and smaller, and instead of stiff wires, we use temperature-reactive wires that deliver a much gentler treatment and longer-lasting results.

The AOO™ procedure is often completed in 3-8 months, with some cases needing a little longer to correct crooked teeth and return the patient’s smile to its full glory. In addition to faster and more comfortable treatments, Wilkidontics provide:

  • Decreased costs, as metal brackets are unnecessary
  • A more attractive smile, due to a virtually invisible alignment tray
  • Easy ways to continue brushing and flossing
  • Less pain and discomfort

By utilizing bone physiology, Wilkidontics focuses on how the supporting bone responds to the forces of orthodontics instead of the forces applied to the teeth. The result: the stimulation and harnessing of living bone that help teeth glide into their proper position more rapidly. Once the tooth movement is complete, the bone around the roots of the teeth can then rebuild themselves.

If you would like more information on this special service, please contact our office today!