Symptoms & Risks of Gum Disease

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Have you ever heard of gum disease? Gum disease, which is also known as periodontal disease, is a dangerous, yet common oral infection that affects numerous people. Gum disease can have dire consequences if left untreated, including the loss of adult teeth. Listed below are the symptoms of gum disease as well as risks:

– Does it look like your gums are receding away from your teeth, exposing their roots?
– Do you suffer from persistent halitosis (bad breath) no matter how often you brush and floss?
– Do you smoke or chew tobacco often?
– Do your teeth feel loose?
– Do your gums routinely bleed when you eat or clean your teeth?
– Do you take proper care of your smile?
– Have you been given any medications that list gum disease as a potential side effect?
– Do you have gums that appear swollen, tender to the touch, or are often red and bleeding?

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